Workshop: forest investment business plan

Workshop: forest investment business plan


We recommend to start the workshop with reading the introductory article, which provides background information about forest investment plans. However, the basis for the workshop is the existing business plan which is available for download. The discussion of the business plan will take place in the forum. We structured the discussion in different topics like financials, social impact, fact sheets, etc. You are invited to create new discussion topics if the existing ones are not covering your field of interest.

The participants can use the first day to study the presented business plan, to bring up questions and to start the discussion. Please note, that due to the case, that the participants are from all over the world, replies to the discussion may have a certain delay in time. The forum discussion will be open from the 16th of September for one to two weeks, depending on the discussion activities. All content will also be available for future reading.

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Alexander Watson