Efficient, reliable and successful: collaboration for sustainable forestry

Target specific skill matching leads to improved consultancy results

Consultancy is often expensive and does not lead to the expected results when experts do not have the necessary target specific skills and experience.

Large consulting companies

Large consulting companies do have access to a sufficient number of experts with specific and complementary skill set. This allows them to tackle various challenges by delivering the required expertise. However, the constant availability of multiple experts leads to increased overhead costs for the customer.

Large consulting company

For specific assignments, only a fraction of the available experts are active.

Small consulting companies

In comparison, small consulting companies have lower overhead costs and therefore run more cost efficient. Customers profit from lower consultancy fees. In general also communication is more straight forward due to a flat corporate hierarchy. However, the range of expertise is limited to the skill set and experience of fewer experts. In some cases this can lead to poor work results.

Small consulting companies

The expertise of small consulting companies is generally limited by the number of experts.

Collaboration to combine strengths

The idea of collaborating in open networks is to combine the strengths of large and of small consultancy companies in order to obtain the following advantages:

  •     Compilation of target specific expert teams
  •     One responsible contact person
  •     Communication on eye level
  •     High quality work results
  •     Low overhead costs

But how to realize this with a small company? When we founded OpenForests a few years ago, we thought on how we could deliver high quality work results like large corporations with only a small team? As we do not want to grow in terms of numbers of employees, we decided to grow our expert network. For that we have been looking for persons with outstanding expertise, for persons who are able to work independently as well as in teams. We want to collaborate with persons who think like entrepreneurs, are sensible for cultural pluralities and, not least, share our vision of scaling up a strong sustainable forestry.

Working with independent experts, who we personally know, has enabled us to deliver high quality work results more efficiently and reliable. The success is based on the close collaboration within our network.

Consultancy in teams

In an extensive and close expert network it is possible to compile engaged and target specific expert teams, to communicate on eye level, to deliver high quality work results and to lower the overhead costs.

Alexander Watson