Drone Mapper
OpenForests provides information tools to reconnect people and forests for a more sustainable forest management. Forest information systems and interactive web maps support efficient forest management and communication about forest landscape projects.
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Drone Mapper

High resolution imagery on the fly

Drone Based Forest and Landscape Mapping

A new perspective for valuation, monitoring and research.

Drone-based imagery for your project

Acquisition of high-resolution drone imagery complements satellite imagery efficiently.

High resolution imagery

The low flight altitude allows the procurement of photos rich in detail and without atmospheric interferences as the following  comparison of drone and satellite imagery shows.


Hundreds of pictures taken by our drones will be stitched together to large and high resolution orthomaps. These orthomaps can be integrated into your GIS system and used for analysis, planning and management.

Digital Elevation Model

High resolution DEMs play an important role in the analysis of forest systems. They allow the determination of growth rates, the detection of changes and help interpreting orthomaps.


Our  3D-models allow an interactive visual assessment of the the topography of the landscape or canopy surfaces. Our models are available in all standard 3D formats and are compatible with a vast spectrum of 3D software.

Case study: forest damage analysis

After strong winds have damaged the forest stands it is difficult to determine the severity of the damage from the ground. With the assistance of drone imagery and 3d-imagery processing it is easy to assess the damages and efficiently plan the recovery measures.

The right drone type

Different drone types are used for specific imagery procurement.

Fixed-wings for landscape mapping

With our fixed-wing drone we map areas with several hundred hectares. This flexible small-sized and light-weighted device allows missions in the most remote and difficult forest areas.

Micro-copters for panoramas
and specific 3D-models

For jobs which demand high precision positioning of cameras or sensors we employ micro-copter drones. They are used for the production of high resolution aerial panoramas or just to acquire oblique photos. This devices are also ideal for high resolution photogrammetric works of smaller areas.

Drone types for forestry and conservation

Every purpose requires the right drone system to efficiently accomplish the work.

Features & Services

  • Procurement
    Imagery procurement everywhere
    and every-time.
  • Resolution
    Higher resolution than satellite imagery
    of up to 4 cm/pixel
  • Cost structure
    Lower costs in comparison to plane-based
    aerial photography
  • Hosting
    Secure imagery hosting on our
    high-performance servers.
  • Open formats
    Data is delivered in various formats
    and georeference systems.
  • Database integration
    All imagery data can be easily integrated into
    your GIS software or connected to a database.

We procure, analyse and deliver the imagery you need.

Interested in operating your own drone system?

Organizations which frequently need high-resolution imagery might want to buy one or more drones and build up their own drone survey capacity.

We assist you to:


  • select the right technology and maintain the drone equipment
  • process and host the data
  • provide training for your team