Forest Manager

Organize your forestry data in one place

Forest Information Systems

Organize your forestry data in one place

A decision for sustainability

We know sustainable forestry can be more complex. However with a good management it will be more productive, social, ecological and resilient than conventional forestry.


If you have decided for the sustainable way we are your engaged partner and provide the forest management tools to make your project successful in multiple dimensions.

The right tools to manage forests sustainable

The efficient management of complex ecosystems like forests need a powerful and cost efficient processing of forest information. Each management decisions requires a fast and vertical/integrated analysis of multiple information like, growth data, aerial images and forest maps. At the same time, a transparent information management amongst all collaborators is essential to enable a smooth work-flow and documentation of achievements.

Forest Manager

A tool to plan and manage your entire forestry endeavors

Forest Information System

We take care of the data management in the background – no IT expertise needed. You will have easy on-line access to your data via open standards and you can export your data at any time.

Make decisions based on effective data analysis. Monitor forest growth and project yields. Measure your performance. A tool for planning and controlling of forest management activities.

Access your data from anywhere

Store all data securely in a centralized database

Analyze to manage your project

Collaborate with every one who works on the project

Inventory map

This is a show case of Openforests’ web mapping service. It visualizes geo referenced forestry data like management units and sample plots. The web map is connected to the Forest Manager and geo referenced forest data will be automatically displayed when they are updated in the database.

We will assist you during your data migration and guide you until your Forest Manager is working for you.