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Project Explorer - OpenForests
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Presentation and documentation

Take communication with your stakeholders to the next level.

Let stakeholders explore the uniqueness and the achievements of your project.

Discover the tools which bring your message across

The project explorer is the best way to present your forest project. He integrates multimedia elements like photos, videos, texts and sounds in an interactive online presentation. These virtual presentations combine panoramas and web maps for a rich and exciting user experience.

Communicate the project quality

The comprehensive presentation and documentation of your project by visual information like panoramas, wildlife observations and also growth data creates transparency and trust. Using the following tools, the communication strategy will shift from costly marketing campaigns which always compete for attention, towards a strategy were project information is shared with an interested and curious community. The project quality will replace high marketing budgets.

Look around

Invite your stakeholders and clients to explore your project from inside the forest. Share the project progress and the beauty of the nature with high resolution 360° interactive panoramas.

Click the images for the respective demos

From the bird’s eye perspective

Provide your stakeholders a unique perspective on your project. High resolution 360° aerial panoramas allow users to explore the landscape with a high level of details and understand the dimension, relevance and beauty of your venture.

Click the images for the respective demos

The Project Explorer combines virtual tours & web maps

Virtual tours

Virtual tours are composed by ground and aerial panoramas connected to each other. The user is able to interactively explore and navigate through your project. A map shows his position and orientation.

Take a virtual tour and explore a project yourself.


Present your projects using interactive online maps. No matter if forestry data, wildlife observations or any other type of multimedia content, our web maps allow the presentation of geo tagged content. Specially the integration of our 360° panoramas will allow the user to explore different sites of your project.

Elements of the Project Explorer

Embed any kind of multimedia

Listen to the sounds of  the forest and transmit the feeling and ambiance.


Structure multimedia content by thematic elements

Wildlife Observations Home

Wildlife observations

Upload field data directly into your project map.

Special places

Special places

360° ground panoramas provide interactive impressions from the site.


Local people

Give a voice to the local people and their needs.

Portfolio San Rafael


Inform stakeholders about growth and health of their forest assets.

Get in in contact for a new way of communication.