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The Project

The goal of the “El Silencio Natural Reserve and Research Station” project, located in the Barbacoas wetlands in the middle of the Magdalena Valley lowlands, is to protect wetlands and remainders of the tropical forest in this region.  The project comprehends the conservation and study of the rich biodiversity of these ecosystems, the reforestation and rehabilitation of devastated areas and takes action against ongoing destructive – mainly illegal – activities in the region, such as deforestation for expansion of extensive cattle ranching or oil palm plantations, as well as high polluting mining activities.

This work is carried our in strong collaboration with the local communities.

The Organization

Since 2005, Fundación Biodiversa Colombia has been developing conservation, production and educational projects focused on local communities. These projects seek to implement a sustainable use of natural resources in order to assure conservation of the natural heritage and improvement of the life quality standards of the Colombian population.

Our Contribution

By producing high resolution maps of the ‘El Silencio’ reserve and adjacent areas, the management is enabled to better plan interventions in the field. Moreover, the presentation of the material as an interactive web-map combined with a high resolution aerial panorama plays an important role in the marketing and public relation strategy of the organization.

Interactive webmap with a comparison functionality

High resolution aerial panorama