Mapping experimental forest sites, Sachsenforst, Germany








Drone Mapper, Research

Our client Sachenforst manages several experimental forest areas in Saxony, Germany. Amongst others, Sachsenforst is studying the long-term effect of different types of interventions in young spruce stands.


In order to study the effect of these interventions on the regeneration of the stands in the coming years, we have mapped the experimental site using both the fixed-wing drone and the microcopter drone creating high resolution maps and Digital Surface Models (up to 1.5 cm per pixel).


With the repetition of this work in coming years we will be able to analyze the growth dynamics of the stands with a high level of detail and identify the consequences of the interventions carried out in the passed.

Detail of the ortho-map (right) and the DSM (left) with resolutions of 1,5 cm/px and 3 cm/px, respectively.

Comparison of the DSMs created with the microcopter (left) and with the fixed-wing drone (right).