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Runa Foundation creates new value for tropical forests that benefit local people and the forest ecosystem.



Runa Foundation, a non-profit, focus their work on:

Livelihood improvement: Runa Foundation sees beyond supply chains and brings together the resources needed to create markets that, at their core, benefit farming families and the forest.


Landscape restoration: RUNA Foundation works with these farmers to plant and manage forest gardens with a variety of culturally, environmentally, and economically valuable species. By certifying forest gardens as organic and engaging the communities in conservation and landscape management, we are strengthening this foundation of Amazonian culture and reducing the need for farmers to degrade the forest.


Plant research: Runa Foundation works with indigenous groups in the Amazon to document and research their vast knowledge of medicinal plant uses. To the people of the Amazon, the rainforest is a living pharmacy and they have used medicinal plants to treat the sick for time immemorial. We believe that there are many cures yet to be discovered by Western medicine, in the knowledge held by healers of the Amazon.


Web map

With the creation of an interactive web map and the integrated aerial panoramas, OpenForests has established a communication tool for all stakeholders, including the RUNA management team, local farmers and indigenous groups and also donors. For all of them the web map provides a transparent insight into the project progress and supports a deeper understanding of the projects impact.

Web map RUNA Foundation entire project area.

Aerial panorama of indigenous community Santa Rita.

Aerial panorama of indigenous community Punikotona.

Aerial panorama of indigenous community Mushullacta.