Virtual tours for education, Sachsenforst, Germany








Virtual tour, Research

Our client Sachsenforst manages several experimental forest areas in Saxony, Germany. Amongst others, Sachsenforst is studying the long-term effect of different types of interventions in young spruce stands.


In order to present the ongoing growth of these stands and the results of the interventions in the coming years, we have produced aerial panoramas which show the present status of three experimental sites. By repeating this work in the coming years,  a historical record will be available for presentation and study purposes.


The fascinating bird’s eye perspective of our aerial panoramas offer an additional and unique view on the experimental areas allowing a better understanding of the interventions carried out and their effects over the years. This visual material is hence ideal for educational purposes. Sachsenforst will employ it in the academic context.

Screenshot of the UI of the virtual tour.

The high resolution of the panoramas allows to explore the site with a high level of details.