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WeForest, a Belgium-based NGO, supports and develops sustainable reforestation projects around the globe.


WeForest’s mission is to scale-up, monitor and report on the impact of forest and landscape restoration, contributing to the realization of the New York Declaration on Forests, to limit global warming to 2 °C temperature increase.


Besides hands-on project work, WeForest creates awareness for possible climate-relevant scopes of actions. By demonstrating and communicating the projects’ success and potential, WeForests is engaging corporates, citizens, organizations, and scientists in collaborative action to advance Forest Landscape Restoration (FLR).


Web map

With the creation of an interactive web map, OpenForests has supported WeForest to establish a communication tool for all of their stakeholders, like corporate donors, sponsors but also local farmers and indigenous groups. For all of them, the web map provides a transparent insight into the project progress and supports a deeper understanding of the project’s impact.

Web map preview of the WeForest’s India project that supports the Khasi communities to regenerate their forest.

Project stories can be explored and shared in an individual way. In this case, the story of a “steady income for families” from the sale of seedlings for reforestation is highlighted.