Remote Sensing for Carbon Forestry

Measure carbon stock. All required remote sensing work for developing carbon forestry projects according to Verra, Gold standard, and Plan Vivo.

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Forest carbon standards such as Verra, Gold standard, and Plan Vivo are used to generate carbon credits. Depending on the project type, e.g. reforestation, improved forest management, and avoided deforestation, there are specific requirements for remote sensing and monitoring. We help you to answer the following questions.

1. Which standard for what project type?
What is my project type? Reforestation, improved forest management, or avoided deforestation? What standard works best for me? Verra, Gold standard, or Plan Vivo?
2. What is the baseline and historical deforestation?
What is the current land cover and corresponding carbon sequestration? What are the historical trends of deforestation and degradation? What is the forest gain?
3. What is the carbon potential?
How much carbon emission can be avoided, e.g. by stopping deforestation, or how much carbon can be additionally stored, e.g. by planting trees or improved forest management practices?
4. How to monitor changes over time?
What are efficient methods to monitor and report forest cover changes and the sequestration of carbon in the biomass over time?

All remote sensing work for your project

Together with our clients we select the appropriate methodological frameworks, procure the necessary data, and conduct the required analysis.

Methodology selection
We help to find the remote sensing approach that works accurately and is cost-effective.
Remote sensing analysis
We create all required data and maps such as historic and current land cover, projection of future deforestation.
Continous monitoring
We monitor land-use change and carbon stock with regular satellite-based monitoring.
Remote Sensing

Forest Change Detection

Example of forest classification maps and forest loss detection.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no one standard to be recommended. The selection of a carbon certification standard depends on the recognition of a respective standard, project type, location, available budget, expertise, and addressed markets for carbon offset sales.

Yes. The generation of carbon credits can help to create the required project funding, but until certification, it can take months and even years and considerable resources. We would recommend involving an expert for the remote sensing work as well as for navigating the certification process internally.

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