Satellite Mapper

Get the big picture

Satellite imagery for forest mapping and monitoring

Multi sensor satellite images to analyze your forest estates.

High quality data at your fingertips.

Satellite images provide valuable data for various applications in forest and landscape management.

Selection & Acquisition

We find the right satellite images for your project. If possible we are using free accessible data sources.

Processing & Analysis

Satellite and drone images are processed and analyzed in accordance to you demands.

Data Storage & Provision

Data is securely stored in a centralized and secure database accessible from all over the world.

Images processed & analyzed

Images are processed and analyzed for various applications relevant for planning, execution and validation in forest management and conservation.

We procure, analyze and deliver the results you need.

You want to create a map yourself?

We will join you in the jungle!

We do the technical backstopping for your research project and strengthening organizations to process and analyze their satellite and drone images.

Drone based photography can compliment satellite images.