Satellite Mapper

Get the big picture

Satellite imagery for forest mapping and monitoring

Multi-sensor satellite images to analyze forest landscapes.

You are new to the field of remote sensing or want to update your basic knowledge? Gain some basic knowledge by reading our introduction to remote sensing for forest landscapes.

The right data source and analysis.

Based on your information requirements we help to select the right data source and imagery analysis.

Selection and acquisition

We find the right satellite images for your project. If possible we are using free accessible data sources.

Processing and analysis

Satellite and drone images are processed and analyzed in accordance to you demands.

Data provision and storage

Data is provided in standard formats, as web map or within a web-based and secure database accessible from all over the world.

Processing and analysis of remote sensing data.

Images are processed and analyzed for various applications relevant for planning, execution and validation in forest management and conservation.

Same location different perspectives.

A project site is analyzed for various reasons. The base-map provides an overview about the natural conditions, the topographic map might be used to analyze the terrain for access planning, a slope steepness map identifies sites which are not accessible for forest management activities, and the degradation map might appoint sites for regeneration.

Just need a simple and beautiful map for your project?

With the new explorer.land platform, everyone can create a simple and beautiful interactive web map for his project. Geolocalized posts help you to document the project progress over time.

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