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Drones for conservation: Introductory workshop – 25th to 28th of July 2016, Bogotá, Colombia

News about civil drone applications have become inflationary in the media. They cover futuristic parcel delivery services or new ways to shoot selfies while doing open air sports, but also applications for ecology and landscape management, including forestry. Many of you working in the environmental context might question if civil drones are just a hype, a new fancy toy, or if they have the potential to become an essential tool to improve day-to-day tasks?
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Workshop: forest investment business plan

OverviewOnline practice session with Q&A | start: 16.09.2013 | location: Impact Forestry Forum Introductory article on the workshop: What should a successful business plan look like? Download: forest investment plan Manual for using the forum Forum policyWe recommend to start the workshop with reading the introductory article, which provides...

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What should a successful business plan look like?

Theory and experiences of writing a forest investment business plan for sustainable forestry projects

Talking about forest investment business plans is a wide field. In this introduction, we focus on general components of the business plan, like goals, presentation formats, content and information quality. Prepared with these background information we present and discuss a real business plan in the practice session. This more specific discussion takes place at the Impact Forestry Forum. Find the business plan for download at the end of this article.
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