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Monitoring the supply chain for deforestation.

Trace deforestation risks of your agriculture suppliers


According to the latest corporate forest report by CDP, only 30% of the manufacturers and retailers who participated in the study are able to trace deforestation-linked commodities back to the point of origin. The inability to assess exposure to deforestation has been a challenge especially for the fast-moving consumer goods industry, where companies are increasingly pushed to take action on forest and greenhouse gas (GHG) emission related risks along their supply chains.

Suppliers and buyers of key agricultural ‘forest risk’ commodities are under growing pressure to ensure that their supply chains do not destroy forests.

Florian Reimer
Lead Co-Developer of the BigChainTool, South Pole Group

The key obstacle that the BigChainTool tackles is the adequate tracking of commodity supply chains: by integrating cloud-sourced big data with satellite mapping and premium GHG accounting, the tool delivers high-quality maps and automatically generated reports on a specific commodity production zone. Developed by South Pole Group, with technical implementation by OpenForests and co-finance from EIT Climate-KIC, the tool opens the black box of corporate forest management in the most remote regions of developing countries.

This tool is based on a solid, scientific methodology and works for any place on earth. It is unique in the sense that it can generate commodity-specific deforestation estimates in a very short timeframe.

Pablo Llopis Benito
Lead Co-Developer of the BigChainTool, South Pole Group
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