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Costa Rica

Visionswald Virtual tour

360° aerial panorama compilation

VisionsWald, also known as VisionForest, is a sustainable agro-forestal entrepreneurial pilot project located in Costa Rica. Carried out by our client Querdenker GmbH, this visionary project aims to create a new tropical rainforest where economic, ecologic, and social values come together in an integrated and holistic way.

To communicate these values and the beauty of this project to the public and project partners, we produced the first interactive virtual tour of VisionsWald. The tour is composed of ground and high-resolution aerial panoramas connected to each other. The user can interactively explore and navigate through the VisionsWald. A map shows the actual position and orientation. A high zoom level allows the user to discover a high level of details in the panoramic images. In-field sound recordings bring a realistic ambiance to the tour.

Aerial 360° drone panoramas create an immersive experience. You can virtually fly and navigate like a bird at the project location.

Dr. Patrick Ribeiro
CEO and Founder OpenForests

Virtual tour Vision Forest Costa Rica.

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