Visual forest growth: Forest-Botanical Garden, Tharandt

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See how a forest is growing 

Overlap of to areal panoramas from 2011 and 2015


We are proud to present the first virtual tour which allows seeing how a forest is growing. With this impressive visualization, stakeholders are enabled to follow the evolution of their forests over a certain period of time. Regular imagery acquisition a the same spot allows showing how degraded landscapes transform into vital forests. How will it look like in four years ahead?

A few years ago OpenForests produced the first aerial panorama of the new reforestation area called ‘Nordamerika’ at the Forest-Botanical Garden in Tharandt. Four years later, we produced another aerial panorama by placing our drone exactly at the same spot. By matching the two panoramas and embedding them in an interactive virtual tour, one is able to switch between the two panoramas and see the changes taking place.

The ‘Forstbotanischer Garten Tharandt’, also known as the ‘Sächsisches Landesarboretum’ (Saxony State Arboretum), is an arboretum maintained by the Dresden University of Technology. It is among the oldest arboretum in the world. Today the arboretum contains about 2,000 species and varieties of woody plants.

The overlay of the two 360° aerial drone panoramas shows how the planted forest has grown between 2011 and 2015.

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