It's all about sustainable forestry

Today, the utilization of forests is almost always accompanied by the ecosystem degradation , soil depletion and biodiversity loss. Be it endless mono-culture plantations or excessive logging of natural forests. We believe that forests are key to a future worth living in and that we have to find ways to use forests in an ecological and social sustainable way. In short:

The world needs better forest projects

We dedicated our work to provide tools and services to build them. OpenForests is our vehicle to pursue this vision, a vision that we share with our clients. With them we want to form a movement of passionate and daring pioneers, that believe that another forestry is possible.


OpenForests is a consulting company and expert network that support the implementation of social, ecologically diverse and profitable forestry projects.

How we work

Our goal is to create reliability and trust on the basis of transparent information flow and serious and engaged work attitude.

Place of work

Our work has taken us around the world with a special focus on Latin America, Europe and Southeast Asia. Through our international expert network we do have access to detailed country knowledge in these regions. OpenForests is based in Germany with a country office in El Salvador.


We are committed to productive and highly sustainable forestry projects. We want to work with projects and investors who are targeting the highest possible environmental and social standards. For us a monetary profit is a necessary prerequisite to enable an integrated forest management. At the same time we believe, that high environmental and social standards assures the long-term project resilience and therefore are equally essential for the project success. We envisage sustainable forestry to become the market standard with all of it’s positive contributions to society and nature in a continuously changing environment. With our services we want to support this movement and enable forest managers and responsible investors to work towards this vision.