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OpenForests builds solutions and technology at the service of people and nature. We develop tools for forest restoration and conservation initiatives to manage their data, communicate their impact openly, immerse stakeholders in the place of the project, and build networks of supporters.

OpenForests offers custom forest information services and a map-based project communication platform, explorer.land.






Team members


Years working together

Founding of OpenForests


Forest data & information consulting


Custom forest data and software development


Growing multidisciplinary team


Launch of explorer.land


explorer.land becomes SaaS


Growing explorer.land community globally


Many exciting developments



The OpenForests ecosystem has grown into a multidisciplinary team, covering diverse aspects of forest management: computer and data science, forest policy and governance, forest ecology, economics, natural resource management, sustainable development, and communications. We unite our complementary skills and experience through our shared values.

Stefan Haas

Founder and COO/CIO

Forest Information Systems Design

Fernanda Todeschini

Business Development

Business Development & Communication

Dr. Patrick Ribeiro

Founder and CPO/CTO

Drones and explorer.land

Thilo Herbst

Chief Commercial Officer

Business Development

Letícia Bernardes

Business Development

Collaborations and Partnerships

Eva Vogt

Strategic Partnerships

Sustainable Developement & Communication

Emilia Pramova

Research and Communications

Writing and Storytelling

Gil Ribeiro

Business Development

Onboarding of projects

João Alpoim

Client Support & Communication

Onboarding of projects

Fabian Gocht

IT Administration

Server and Data Security

Alexander Watson

Founder and CMO

Forest Management and Collaboration

Felix Hinze

Web Developer

Full-Stack Web Developer

Aafke Schreurs

UX and Web Developer

Full-Stack Web Developer

Sebastian Weckend

CIO and Senior Developer

Full-Stack Software Developer

Brian O’Hare

Geospatial Developer

Data and Analytics

Aynur Mammadova


Forest Policy and Economics

Johan Karlsson

Remote Sensing

Monitoring and Carbon Forestry

Gerrit Balindt

Forest-Software Developer

Consultant, Forest Software and Mobile App Developer

Mohammad Alavi

Backend Developer

Full-Stack Web Developer

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We believe that another world is possible. A world where human and nonhuman beings flourish alongside each other. A world where people are not masters of but part of what we call nature. For this to happen, we need a collective change of consciousness and to rebuild connectedness with the diversity of all life.

The ultimate goal is to give back voices to the people and give faces to their projects.

Emilia Schmidt-Pramova
Writing & Storytelling

We empower people in making more biodiverse, resilient, social, and transparent forest projects.

Stefan Haas
CEO and Founder

Our story

How can we change the world?

In moments of deep friendship, we often discuss ideas of changing the world for the better. And this is the story of OpenForests and how it all started: in a tiny kitchen, late at night, we – Stefan, Patrick, and Alexander – sharing our concerns over the state of the world. Over injustices, politics, ethics, and the exploitation of nature.

Usually, the next morning one swallows down their idealism with a good cup of coffee and then back to business as usual.

But this time it was different!

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