We empower people to make forest projects more

Resilient Regenerative Responsible Transparent Social Ecological Inspiring

Technology, data, and storytelling in the service of nature, landscapes, and the people within.

Inspiring storytelling and data on an interactive map.

South Pole
Eden Reforestation
One Tree Planted
The Generation Forest

Our tools for connecting people, forests, and places in support of sustainability.


Transparency builds trust. explorer.land is a map-based platform to demonstrate the impact of your forest project. Connect with donors, investors, and product buyers by combining exciting storytelling and data on an interactive map.

Simply create beautiful project maps
Stand out and build trust
Inspire funders

Forest Monitoring

Monitor all changes. A dashboard to detect and localize deforestation and fire events when they occur. Receive monitoring alerts via email and SMS for rapid response.

Monitor fire and deforestation
Overview dashboard
Receive alerts

Aerial Imagery Procurement

See your impact. We search, process, and deliver high-resolution and cloud-free satellite images for your project.

Search imagery
Compare quality and price
Buy satellite imagery

Remote Sensing for Carbon Forestry

Measure carbon stock. All required remote sensing work for developing carbon forestry projects according to Verra, Gold Standard, and Plan Vivo.

Select methodology & framework
Analyze baseline & predict carbon stock change
Monitor carbon stock

Forest Information System Design

Make your data work for you. Procure, process, and analyze forest data and make it accessible for your entire team and stakeholders. Design of business logic for lean software development.

Define information requirements and business logic
Analyze forest and geospatial data
Develop software applications
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