Hard jobs for solving difficult problems

Join OpenForests and help reconnect people with nature!

Not changing directions will likely make you arrive where you have started.

Dr. Patrick Ribeiro
CEO and Founder OpenForests

No pampering, no perks!

We do not want to lure you in with kale smoothies, special perks, table football, or a hip start-up, feel-good atmosphere. Those of you who join us will do so because of shared values and goals. 

We’re looking for committed people who are able to work in a team but can also work in a self-organized, location-independent manner. The tasks are demanding and the results will depend on our joint efforts. Sometimes, we might fail to see the change we want to see. But we will always strive to be that change.

We set our goals collectively, but you will be free to explore the best way to achieve them. What we offer is working on the hardest challenge of our time.  No, we don’t mean flying to Mars, but building a truly better future by halting nature destruction and accelerating ecosystem restoration.  

We believe that another world is possible and that restoration of healthy forests and landscapes are part of the solution. 

If you feel that you want to be part of this journey, we encourage you to join us.

We celebrate differences

At OpenForests we appreciate debates as an opportunity to widen our perspective. Solving hard problems does not only require having the right skills but also being part of a strong team that appreciates:

  • Different cultures
  • Different opinions and characters
  • Different and complementary skillsets

We take risks

Exploring and solving the pressing problems of our time, such as the ecological crisis, requires new tools and systems. Exploring these new territories of technological applications and pioneering solutions involves risks and setbacks. The path to a solution involves iterative learning and you will be part of a strong and supportive team on this collaborative journey.

Remote but together

OpenForests has been working remotely for more than 10 years. For a smooth collaboration, we have put together a fleet of different digital tools allowing efficient communication, joint brainstorming sessions, strategic planning, and data exchange. 

However, a few times a year we all get together. Either in a tiny wooden house somewhere in a forest or in one of the beautiful project locations of explorer.land. During these gatherings we proceed with respect towards the location, its human and non-human inhabitants, we plant trees, have nature immersive walks, meditate, play, cook tasty food, and envision the future together. We plan the next steps and reconnect with team members and the nature that hosts us.

Through relief from stress and the burdens of daily life, we open our eyes and hearts, attune to future callings, and feel the support of the team. We return with renewed inspiration about our work, and more importantly, about the WHY of it.

Joint work instead of job interviews

Finding the right person for the right job is difficult. We can’t judge your ability in a one-hour interview, nor can you get to know our team, processes, focus areas, and technologies. 

We do not rely on job interviews to choose the right members for our team, we believe in paid and jointly-lived work experience. Through this experience, you can check us out and we can check you out too 😉 After a short time of joint work, both parties sit together and openly discuss whether there is a good match for a long-term collaboration.

We are hiring for the long haul!

Alexander Watson
CEO and Founder OpenForests

Characteristics we value

Please read the following list of characteristics and only apply if you think that your values, skills, and attitudes match the second one on each row:

  • Follow vs. lead
  • Copy vs. innovate
  • Authority vs. responsibility
  • Compete vs. cooperate
  • Comply vs. invent
  • Answer vs. ask

We are curious to get to know you, and learn from (and together) with you!