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Transparent project presentations and exciting project stories take stakeholder engagement to a new level. explorer.land is a map-based platform to demonstrate the impact of your forest project. Connect with donors, investors and product buyers by combining exciting storytelling and data on an interactive map.

The interactive map-based platform is designed to present forest and landscape projects and tell their stories while connecting like-minded organizations and stakeholders from around the world.

We believe that explorer.land will cause a substantial paradigm shift in the way sustainable forest and landscape projects are presented to the world. The new level of visibility and transparency will accelerate networking, improve market access and help built trustworthy relations with stakeholders.

Dr. Patrick Ribeiro
CEO and Founder OpenForests

The goal of the explorer.land platform is to support projects with a comprehensive presentation tool that improves their visibility for collaborators, investors, donors, and product buyers by creating transparency and conveying the human dimension inherent in each project.

explorer.land acts as a global search engine for high-quality and transparent forest restoration project developers. Projects can be searched by criteria such as Project type, Country, Organization name, Goods, and available forest products. Project stories can be explored on high-resolution maps and the impact becomes tangible.

We're in a crisis of trust... In this day and age you create trust through transparency, not necessarily through social media and colorful marketing materials.

Alexander Watson
CEO and Founder OpenForests
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